What is Sail In A Moment (SIAM)?

SIAM is a practical approach to coaching and counseling empowered by scientifically proven highly powerful binaural listening technology – binaural beats – IDEA.


The cornerstones of SIAM are the present moment, (self)motivation/inspiration and creativity. Practicing SIAM helps you reconnect and stay anchored in the present moment while developing a creative mindset that is applied to everything you do. Clarity and worry-free mind are essential for thinking elastically, taking you beyond automatic scripted (conditioned) daily thinking, and igniting sparks of creativity from within.


Alongside coaching/counseling practice of SIAM, IDEA – binaural beats program does additional inner work for you, enabling you to enter the most fruitful state for creation. It is a relaxed state between wakefulness and sleep – so-called alpha brain waves activity. Using IDEA provides two immediate benefits: experiencing immediate stress relief and enhancing creativity flow.

Who is SIAM for?

SIAM is especially designed for those who:


  • Deal on daily basis with huge amount of stress and need an impactful way to recharge
  • Need an extra creative spark/inspiration to move on with their current project or/and business
  • Want to enhance their overall performance as a team leader, a team player or an individual
  • Would like to explore new directions in career or life situations

What are the benefits of SIAM?

  • Achieving clarity and focus
  • High perceptiveness for new ideas
  • Developing ability to embrace creativity as a fuel of life
  • Building relationships based on high level of trust and rapport
  • Successfully dealing with challenges of any kind
  • Feeling more alive and happier


What does sailing have to do with it?

At Sail In A Moment, we truly believe that, in order to reach new heights and ideas, one needs to walk out of the comfort zone – or sail out of a safe harbor. A sailing boat can be navigated successfully only if the entire crew is fully aware and focused on the present moment to accept, allow and adjust to any obstacle that may appear on the way. Same approach can be adapted into everyday working context.

By choosing to live in the present moment and allowing yourself to observe situations from many different aspects, you choose to sail out of your safe harbor. The present moment is a gateway to it.

Let’s Sail Out Together!

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