Behind SIAM Story

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My name is Morana Smolcic and my professional path went from legal to various range of industries and ended up in coaching, which is my fondest passion. I hold a bachelor degree in legal sciences from the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, Croatia, Europe, with bar and notary certification. 15+ years of practice in advocacy, notary and corporate sector equipped me with holistic approach to business and human relations. For more than a decade I’ve worked closely to HR managers, sales and finance executives in various industries, from trade (Atlantic Grupa), finance (Volksbank, Raiffeisen Bank), insurance (Allianz), book publishing industry (Il Gruppo Giunti), both in leadership roles and as an individual contributor.

Later, my curiously and socially oriented personality led me to coaching where I obtained certification in Organisational and Team coaching (by Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership, Sydney, Australia), Law of attraction, and accreditation by Int’l Coach Federation as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC). Additionally, 6 years of life abroad across Asia and Europe alongside another passion – sailing, left significant marks on my coaching style which is dynamic, playful and explorative.

Why have I created Sail In A Moment (SIAM) Approach?

As a sequel of my professional and personal development, SIAM’S creation was driven by my strong desire to help professionals develop high tolerance to stress and increase their presence, imagination and creativity in today´s overly busy (and very often too serious) world. In other words to, help them to perceive themselves, and the world around them less seriously, with child’s curiosity, and to embrace slow living, living in the present moment :).

During 2 years living in China, I had the chance to be a co-founder of creative workshops – Life Coaching Rehearsals – that aimed to help expats and locals in expressing their creative side through elements of SIAM and theater techniques. I had the pleasure of working with professionals from different industries, including KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL – MBA Program at Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, educators (YCIS International School Shanghai), creatives, finance coachpreneuers, senior executives from Shanghai, Singapore, Australia, Czech Republic, Egypt and Italy, to name a few.

I am currently based in Germany, with my husband and two children – wonderful creative minds who challenge my alpha brain waves all the time. 🙂
My virtual presence around the globe via Zoom/Skype makes my portable office always available.

I´m happy to invite you to sail out toward journey of presence and creativity with us!!

About the associate

Milivoj Jelakovic is the author of IDEA – binaural listening program. He has a 30+ years rich experience of studying, customizing and practicing various methods that help to improve human mental and physical well-being, meditation, including RIFE frequency healing, Multiple Wave Oscillator, and Holosync. Milivoj comes from a family of university professors (his father Tihomil Jelakovic, Ph.D. was a founder of Department of Electroacoustics at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing) and holds a master degree of Electrical Engineering. He lives in Zagreb, Croatia.