How We Sail

With Sail In A Moment approach we provide the space for you to BE Yourself, where learning and change can REALLY happen.  Everything we do is spiced up with a pinch of playfulness which may appear less “serious” on the surface…but we genuinely believe that playfulness is the best method to unleash your creativity! And anyway, why should we treat life so seriously? ?

We play

Integrating BEing into DOing and vice versa through coaching, counseling and additional application of IDEA program.

How does coaching look like?

It represents a conversation in a safe, non-judgmental environment, during which we work on creating a space where you can acknowledge your current way of thinking and start discovering and designing your new positive way of perceiving yourself and the world around you.


Comes in different methods and tools which focus on practical usage of creative visualizations and other mindfulness methods to create awareness of presence that helps you to re-connect with your creative selves.

IDEA binarual beats

An anti-stress program that works as an accelerator for developing stress-free dimension, which is a prerequisite for mental clarity and creativity.

The essence of all provided services is


It is about the change in the way of thinking that generates different behavioral patterns as the result of a new mindset. The level of change depends on Your readiness and commitment to change, or specifically on Your willingness to practice newly learned tools in everyday life.


These services are not licensed by the law and do not include the practice of medicine or psychology or any healing art.
We provide services in accordance with our education, training and experience.


Every new encounter represents new experience and new learning for us where we enter with open mind and heart..

Our Commitment

We are committed to maintain the privacy of your personal information as required by the Code of ethics issued by the International Coach Federation