Sail In A Moment approach provides the space where learning and change can really happen.  S.I.A.M. unifies your new higher level of thinking, feeling and actions (behavior) as a  road map to genuine success and happiness. Everything we do is spiced up with a pinch of playfulness which may appear less “serious” on the surface…but we genuinely believe that playfulness is the best method to unleash your true creative purpose!

And anyway, why should we treat life so seriously?


``Adaptability, flexibility and high level of creative presence are prerequisites for legal success.`` - Morana Smolcic

LegalWell is an integral program for new generation of corporate legal professionals, lawyers, law students who want to develop high level of mental and emotional awareness, work satisfaction & productivity without feeling overwhelmed and face burnout in their journey toward knowledge, recognition and success. Through whole brain development strategies we crate a safe place for legal minds to be exactly where they are, to inquire into their practices, to uncover blind spots and to experiment with new ways of doing and being. The beauty in this process is not only in breakthroughs of different kinds, it’s also that they are learning to self-observe, self-correct and support their colleagues, clients, family friends in different powerful ways while enriching their sense of well-being.


``It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.`` Albert Einstein

EduWell is a holistic program which aims to assist school leaders and educators to develop mental and emotional toughness and high level of presence and creativity so they can act, teach and navigate through fast changing educational environment with ease and confidence. It is for those who want to create environments and experiences for students to grow, flourish and find their joyful authentic expression so they can achieve what is most meaningful to them.


``You can´t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.`` - Maya Angelou

BizWell aims to assist first time leaders who wants to learn and apply well-rounded set of skills which help them create, delegate and monitor execution of the best possible work strategies with emphasis on presence, creativity and innovation.


A highly powerful anti-stress program and creativity booster that works as an accelerator for developing stress-free dimension, which is a prerequisite for mental clarity and creativity. It works in the area of neuro-agility which creates long lasting positive changes in mental and physical performance.

The essence of all provided services is


It is about the change in the way of thinking that generates different behavioral patterns as the result of a new mindset. The level of change depends on Your readiness and commitment to change, or specifically on Your willingness to practice newly learned tools in everyday life.


These services are not licensed by the law and do not include the practice of medicine or psychology or any healing art.
We provide services in accordance with our education, training and experience.


Every new encounter represents new experience and new learning for us where we enter with open mind and heart..

Our Commitment

We are committed to maintain the privacy of your personal information as required by the Code of ethics issued by the International Coaching Federation