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Creativity is not a switch that´s flipped on and off – it´s a way of relating to Life with all its beauty and magnificent twists and turns.


Episode #1

Paushali Lass – Bona Buni Story


Listen to the talk about stories of creative artisans and designers woven together through an ethical fashion business ( . Its founder Paushali Lass explains how her biz has been formed out of a deep desire to speak out for the rights of the vulnerable. Her creativity has been brought out through making a business out of a series of thought processes meant to inspire and encourage others.

Episode #2

Nirali Weber – Edited Closet Story


Find out how Nirali Weber draws creative inspiration for Edited Closet and why she decided to launch her small Germany-based Instagram shop, which is selection of women´s vintage & fair-trade new clothing accessories and hopefully soon home items! For a full experience reach her at, instagram: @edited_closet

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